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Silversands Casino Table Games

After you login into Silversands Casino from the Welcome screen, you can select Table Games (games, typically played with cards) from among the available choices to see a preview of all the Table Games on offer on the casino.

Possible selections include 21 Games, Caribbean, as well as All Table Games. Clicking on the relevant tabs lets you see the names of different games on offer along with information about them.

As you select a particular game by clicking on it, you will see a preview of the game interface on the right along with a description of the game below it. Together, if you feel encouraged enough to play the game in question, you can easily begin doing so by simply clicking the ‘Play’ button.

At any given time, if you require any kind of assistance, remember that Casino Silversands always makes help readily available.

Moreover, there is no compulsion to pay to play – you can always play for free! In fact in the initial stages we encourage you to play for free so that you get a good feel for the game(s) of your choice as well as the overall interface / layout of the casino.

Yes, you will need to download the software that Silversands Casino has to offer, which, rest assured, is a onetime process and takes mere minutes to complete and begin playing!

Below we look at some of the Table Games that you can enjoy with pleasure at Silversands Casino.


This is a game where the Player and the Banker get two cards each. The aim here is really simple and straightforward – foretell the hand which is expected to score as near to 9 as possible.

Bets can be placed on the Banker, the Player, or even for a Tie to happen.

A natural is one which ends up with an 8 or 9 hand and therefore is considered to be a win, except if things end up in a Tie. Also just in case both hands end up with a natural, the hand with a higher value is taken to be the winner.

Another possibility is when not only do both hands have naturals, the naturals happen to be of equal value. Under such circumstances, the bet ends up in the background. And if there is no natural at all, then a third card has to be dealt.

Remember that when it comes to Baccarat, cards 2 – 9 are taken at face value; 10 and above including Jack, Queen, and King are taken at zero value; while Aces have a value of one.


Blackjack involves dealing two cards to the Player – with their faces up, while the Dealer who also gets two cards, has only one card up while the other faces down.

The aim is pretty simplistic – try and get as near to 21 as possible in comparison to the dealer, without actually crossing 21.

A perfect Blackjack hand would be one which adds up to 21 using two cards only.

And once you have such a hand, you are deemed to be a winner by design unless the dealer too has 21 wherein you are required to push.

Bear in mind that the two card rule for adding up to 21 is very stringent, so a total of 21 attained with three cards will not count as a Blackjack.


The aim is the same for both players and dealers – get to the best possible five card poker hand possible. For this, any combination is permissible from amongst five community cards and the two cards in your hand.

A comparison is then made with the hand of the dealer.

An additional prospect includes a “Bonus Jackpot” where the same two card hand that you hold is then compared to a paytable that has already been posted.

Remember that you need not actually be a winner in the base game to be in merit for the bonus wager above.